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  • William Passo

    Luke is the best recruiter we have worked with—by far. He is kind, professional, and smart. We hire for super specific and often highly technical role, yet Luke always asks the right questions and eventually finds stellar candidates. We continue to work with Luke as we scale our business and would highly recommend him for hiring in the AI/ML/DL fields.

    William Passo

    COO , Rain
  • Julia Chu

    Luke supports our offices in the UK and US and received very positive feedback from our hiring managers. I appreciate his long-term partnership with MediaTek and his always putting our needs as his priority. His quality of work and professionalism is at the top level in the industry.

    Julia Chu

    HR Manager , MediaTek
  • Shirish Seetharam

    ​Matt has been very resourceful helping us find some great candidates in a tough market. He worked with me closely to identify and short list candidates based on ongoing feedback. Overall, a great experience working with Matt!

    Shirish Seetharam

    VP of Software Engineering , Luminous Computing
  • Slavi Marinov

    I cannot recommend Mat highly enough. He is one of these rare recruiters who "gets it": thoughtful, extremely responsive and you know he will deliver. And a pleasure to work with!

    Slavi Marinov

    Partner & Head of Machine Learning , AHL
  • Nikola Mrkšić

    Mat is the best recruiter we have worked with at PolyAI. He has helped hire five of our key machine learning people, in roles ranging from product management to ML research. The quality of the candidates he sourced was superb - the right academic caliber + great cultural fit. I can't wait to work with him again and I'd recommend him to anyone looking to build a world-class machine learning team.

    Nikola Mrkšić

    CEO & Co-Founder , PolyAI
  • Tia Vieira

    Matthew and his team at Understanding Recruitment helped us add 2 engineers to our team! All throughout the process they were active listeners who took the time to fully understand the specifics of what we needed in terms of technical skills and cultural fit. Highly recommend them for anyone and happy to offer more specific examples of their work to anyone who is interested in collaborating with them.

    Tia Vieira

    Talent and Diversity Program Manager , Citrine Informatics
  • Juha Seppä

    Matt has worked with me for two years in finding great engineers for my team, especially machine learning and software engineers. Right in the beginning he took the time to understand us as a company and the kinds of people we are looking for. He has stayed tuned to our evolving needs and listened carefully to our feedback on candidates. The result: a substantial number of my current team members were introduced by Matt. I warmly recommend Matt as a recruitment partner in building great engineering teams.

    Juha Seppä

    Technology Executive
  • Gilbert Hendry

    Mat is awesome, he sourced many great candidates for a hard-to-fill role I was hiring for with very specific requirements. He was my best recruiter.

    Gilbert Hendry

    Staff Software Engineer , Culture Biosciences
  • Emery Burhan

    Working with Molly was a true pleasure. She is the best at what she does and she really takes the time to understand what you need/want and how she can make that benefit her clients. What sets Molly apart from other recruiters is her passion. She is there day or night to answer any questions and she conducts her work with respect and transparency. Molly is one of the best and I would recommend her to any client or candidate looking for help.

    Emery Burhan

    Hardware Engineer , Google
  • Meghan Hickey

    Mat did a fantastic job helping me land my next role. He listened to what I was looking for and connected me with several interesting companies, supporting me throughout the interview process. Job searching is never fun, and I really appreciated having Mat in my corner.

    Meghan Hickey

    Software Engineer , Indico Data
  • Hamid Reza Zohouri, PhD

    Nick helped me with a role I was considering. Throughout the process, he was very open, transparent, and supportive and he could very clearly understand and follow my thought process. He was always available via phone/email and very quickly followed-up after every step of the process. Working with him was a very positive experience for me.

    Hamid Reza Zohouri, PhD

    Director of Product , Edgecortix
  • David Young

    Mat did a fantastic job helping me land my next role. He listened to what I was looking for and connected me with several interesting companies, supporting me throughout the interview process. Job searching is never fun, and I really appreciated having Mat in my corner.

    David Young

    Video Computer Engineer , Polycom / Plantronics
  • Xueli Xiao

    It was a great pleasure working with Molly. She is the most passionate and professional recruiter I have met! She worked with me closely through the whole process. She also provided tips for interview preparations and I find those extremely helpful! With her help, I got a job that I am very excited about. I highly recommend Molly for anyone looking for work!

    Xueli Xiao

    Ph.D. Computer Science
  • George Hsu

    Nicolas researched the candidate fully before engaging in the recruiting process. His attention to detail and knowledge base of the candidate and the hiring company’s needs are unparalleled. He is professional and approachable during every step of the recruitment process. It is just a refreshing and enjoyable experience working with Nicolas. Highly recommended to any organizations and job seekers.

    George Hsu

    ASIC Physical Design
  • Fionn Malone

    Markus approached me for a position (which I ultimately secured) as a software engineer at a leading quantum computing startup. He is a consummate professional and walked me through each stage of the interview process. He proactively communicated with me along the way and helped to make the interview process painless and transparent. I look forward to working with him in the future and would recommend him to anyone moving into the quantum computing field.

    Fionn Malone

    Quantum Engineer , QC Ware Corp.
  • Rob Pellowski

    My experience with Mat has been very positive. He has been easy to talk to and he has taken the time to understand what I've been looking for in a new position. He was familiar with the employer and the opportunity and provided a good picture of what to expect. Throughout the process, he has followed up to ensure that any questions I had were answered. Thanks to Mat I couldn't ask for a better result - a job offer with a company that is a great match for me.

    Rob Pellowski

    Software Architect , Lightmatter
  • Rudrasena Reddy Tholeti

    Molly is friendly and extremely helpful! I had the pleasure of working with her regarding a role in an amazing company! She helped me through the entire process and kept me updated. Molly is professional and ensured I was well equipped and prepped for the role. She always responded to my follow-up questions in a timely manner.

    Rudrasena Reddy Tholeti

    Senior Software Engineer , Progressive Insurance
  • Joseph Stadolnik

    Molly is highly responsive and tenacious. She quickly realized I was a great fit for the job in question and followed through every step of the way until the deal was sealed, and as well as checking in afterwards. I would definitely recommend working with her.

    Joseph Stadolnik

    Design Verification Engineer , Lightmatter
  • Wen Liu

    Molly is a great recruiter with professional skills. She knows the job requirements very well and provides help as best as she can during the recruiting process. I was amazed by her commitment and energy. I'd highly recommend her to anyone in job searching.

    Wen Liu

    Data Scientist , Walmart Global Tech
  • Kenneth Østby

    I had the pleasure of working with Molly for my new job. She is professional, friendly, and always helpful. Furthermore, she was able to match my skillset with the job required. Quite often you get people that just look at some keywords on your CV, but that is not the case with Molly. She has a holistic understanding of the requirements of both the employer and the employee. Finally, even after the deal was sealed she followed up, which gave the process a personal touch that was appreciated.

    Kenneth Østby

    Computer Architect , Lightmatter
  • Harpreet Bhatia

    Molly has great skills to connect the right candidate to the right role. She knew exactly the kind of roles that I wanted. She was a tremendous help throughout the whole process, diligently following up with the company staff and interviewers for updates.

    Harpreet Bhatia

    Digital Verification Engineer
  • Jiayi Wu

    Molly is extremely helpful, friendly, and responsive during my job hunt. She played an essential role when connecting with applied companies. She replied to emails rapidly and helped me to reschedule according to my changes quickly. Molly also reached to me a few times after the initial screening to make sure that I feel comfortable about everything. I would recommend her without hesitation!

    Jiayi Wu

    Senior Data Scientist , Hitachi Vantara
  • Arsh Josan

    Molly is a highly skilled professional. She worked with me during one of the recruitment prospects and I was amazed by the level of commitment and energy she brought in her work. What sets Molly apart is that she goes at great depth to understand the requirement of her client and works tirelessly to get it done.

    Arsh Josan

    Senior Physical Design Engineer , NVIDIA
  • Rishika Rishika

    Molly is a great recruiter. She patiently tries to understand the client's requirements and suggests jobs accordingly. Not only that, she will try to get as much information as possible from the employer to help the interviewee get a better idea of what to expect in an interview. I had a great time working with her. You can rely on her to always reach out with important details. I would blindly recommend her to anyone who is currently in the job market. I would definitely love to work with her again in the future. She is the best recruiter, I have worked with so far.

    Rishika Rishika

    Data Science Engineer
  • Swapna Iyer

    Markus brought to me the more than ideal role I was looking for. The stuff of dreams. Working with him was very easy. Respect, full transparency, competency & timeliness ( knowing when to accelerate and when to dial it down) are all the ways Markus clearly differentiates himself. I am lucky to have gotten his call. He brings the best for the best! I wish Markus every success and joy in building game-changing teams.

    Swapna Iyer

    ML Compiler Engineer , Lightmatter
  • John Halloran

    Markus and I worked together recently for a machine learning applied scientist position. He found me an ideal role that perfectly matched my background and expertise. Working together went smoothly; Markus is extremely professional, courteous, and responsive. I look forward to working with Markus again in the future, and cannot recommend him enough to others seeking employment.

    John Halloran

    Machine Learning Scientist , Amazon
  • Paolo Mantovani

    Matthew Ferdenzi is an example of how recruiting should be. Finding great matches between people and open positions is very challenging and I believe that Matthew really excels at this. In my case, for instance, Matthew connected me with an amazing team for a perfect role that not even I would have considered a match based on the job posting. Beyond the talent for finding the right opportunities for the right candidates, Matthew is an honest, experienced, and resourceful recruiter, who is always ready to help candidates navigate their options while making important life-changing decisions. These qualities are even harder to find and so I cannot be more supportive of Matthew and his business. In summary, I truly believe that Matthew has the ability to build extraordinary teams and help both candidates and companies make the right decisions.

    Paolo Mantovani

    Software Engineer , Google Brain
  • Stephen Thompson

    Matthew is an excellent recruiter who helped me find the perfect role. He was a delight to work with during a stressful time because he's a cheerful guy who clearly enjoys his work. Mat really puts his listening skills to work - cutting through the noise of "keyword search matches" and focusing on pitching opportunities that really matched my interests. I also really appreciated that he stayed in contact (even after I was placed). He's genuinely interested in making sure you're comfortable with the process and happy with the results.

    Stephen Thompson

    Software Engineer
  • David Widemann

    Matt did a great job in my hiring process. By making introductions, interview prep, and managing both sides’ expectations, Matt played an important role. He is honest, efficient, and knowledgeable.

    David Widemann

    Machine Learning Scientist , Lightmatter
  • Ho John Lee

    Mat has an excellent grasp of the technical and the cultural aspects of ML/AI roles and startups that goes far beyond reading position descriptions and resumes, and he actively listens for additional insight at each opportunity. As a candidate I appreciated that Mat never wasted my time and really worked at finding alignment between people, roles, and organizations; I learned something in each interaction with him, conversations were lively and informative. He is easily one of the most capable recruiters I know, and a nice human being as well!

    Ho John Lee

    Machine Learning Software Architect , Lightmatter
  • Jeffrey Epstein

    Markus was very helpful to me in my search for a job in quantum technology. I found him well-informed about the industry and receptive to my priorities and concerns. The entire process, from him reaching out to me initially to a final offer, was smooth, efficient, and friendly, and he facilitated direct and effective communication between me and the company. I would highly recommend Markus to anyone looking for a position in this space and would be happy to work with him again in the future.

    Jeffrey Epstein

    Quantum Information/Computation Researcher
  • Laszlo Kindrat

    Mat is a rare find among recruiters. In fact he could be better described as an agent who acts in your best interest. He guides you and keeps you updated throughout the entire hiring process, from searching for openings to negotiating offers. He has an innate sense of what roles would be a good match for you, which saves you a lot of time and stress. He also understands the technologies and the cultures of the companies he works with, so he can be your biggest resource during interview prep. Moreover, Mat’s positive and energetic personality makes him an absolute pleasure to work with.

    Laszlo Kindrat

    Senior Software Engineer , Luminous Computing