Matthew Ferdenzi

Chief Operating Officer

Mat originally joined Understanding Recruitment in the United Kingdom in 2015 after working as an actor for several years, with his career reaching its peak at what many critics consider to be the "best three seconds" in Guardians of The Galaxy.

Recognizing a gap in the Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning market, he built a highly successful team and worked with some of the most exciting and innovative companies in the UK. In 2019, Mat brought Understanding Recruitment to the US and now leads the Acceler8 Talent team in Boston, MA.

With a focus on Hardware Acceleration, Machine Learning, and Silicon Photonics, Mat possesses a wealth of knowledge that allows him to connect top candidates with the most relevant opportunities.

Fun Fact: Mat enjoys pickling vegetables.

Mat's favorite places in Boston are those where he can bring his dog and enjoy a beer. (Shoutout to Mikes, the Druid, and Cambridge Common!)