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We're On A Journey

We believe in ethical practices, giving back to society, and making our team an inclusive haven as an equal opportunities employer. Our CSR journey isn't just a checkbox; it's something we really believe in and want to get right. By weaving CSR into our everyday, we're not claiming to have all the answers, but we're committed to showing that it's crucial. It's all about shaping our culture, inviting top talent, giving back, and making a meaningful impact.

About Us

As part of the Understanding Recruitment Group, we fully support equal opportunities and oppose all unlawful discrimination based on Protected Characteristics (PCs) such as sex, race, religion, age, disability, and more. We champion inclusivity and fairness for everyone.

Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Upskilling Our People

We've rolled out comprehensive training programs that focus on fostering an inclusive and mindful culture. Our training covers key areas like Employment law, Introduction to ED&I, Handling Unconscious Biases, Fostering Inclusivity, and Raising Awareness about Microaggressions. Not only that, we offer specialized training for managers to boost their confidence in navigating tough conversations, addressing staff concerns, and promoting inclusivity. 

Our Hiring Processes

When it comes to our hiring process, we've ensured our teams are well-prepared by receiving external training in inclusive recruitment practices. We've also reviewed our hiring process and introduced remedies, like streamlining the interview approach and revitalizing our competency framework. Beyond that, we're enriching learning via our online platform, offering bite-sized insights into a range of ED&I subjects and unveiling a dedicated library for ED&I materials.

What We're Doing

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting the growth and development of our team, we're excited to share some recent initiatives we've been working on. 

Within the Understanding Recruitment Group, we have defined precise and impartial guidelines for promotions at every hierarchical tier. These guidelines prioritize skills and accomplishments as the primary considerations. Our objective is to establish a system that is both transparent and just, affording each employee a well-defined trajectory for growth. By eliminating subjective elements, we guarantee that progression in one's career is determined by competence, rendering it an achievable and unbiased prospect for all members of our workforce. Through this methodology, we cultivate an inspiring atmosphere where staff can diligently chase after their career objectives and have their endeavors acknowledged and incentivized.

At the Understanding Recruitment Group, we're always working to make our internal interview processes better. Our goal is to be fair and remove any hidden biases. As part of our ongoing efforts, we've started doing interviews that focus on the skills and abilities of candidates, rather than personal opinions. This way, we want to make sure that everyone who applies has a fair and equal interview experience.

By using this approach, we aim to judge candidates based on their relevant skills, knowledge, and potential to do well in the job. This helps us make fair and unbiased decisions when we hire new people.

We've introduced a mentoring program with the aim of empowering and enhancing the skills of all our employees. This initiative presents a valuable chance for individuals at any point in their careers to participate in a mentoring partnership, which encourages personal and professional development. Through linking employees with experienced mentors, our goal is to offer guidance, support, and valuable insights that contribute to their growth and help them achieve their utmost potential. This mentoring program demonstrates our dedication to nurturing talent, cultivating a culture of ongoing learning, and making substantial investments in the success of our team members.

We have taken proactive measures to enhance the knowledge and capabilities of our consultants, enabling them to effectively support and implement strategies that promote fairness and equity in our clients' recruitment processes. Through upskilling initiatives, our consultants have gained a deeper understanding of the steps needed to identify and eliminate barriers and unconscious biases. This empowers them to provide valuable guidance and practical solutions, ensuring that our clients' recruitment practices are inclusive and enable equal opportunities for all candidates. By fostering this expertise within our team, we are dedicated to driving positive change and fostering a more inclusive and unbiased recruitment landscape.

What we stand for

Driven By Our Values

Reputation is everything.

We know that our actions and behaviors play a huge role in shaping how we are perceived by others and are determined to exceed their expectations. 

Never, ever give up.

Our team embodies relentless determination, facing challenges head-on, persisting despite setbacks, and using failures as stepping stones to success. 

Exceed expectations, always.

We set a very high standard for performance and service across our teams.

Together stronger.

The heartbeat of our team is teamwork. We collaborate, leveraging each other's unique strengths and perspectives, to propel us beyond individual limits.

Be the very best you.

The core of personal growth and self-improvement is a guiding principle that encourages our team to relentlessly pursue excellence.

BlueBikes Membership

We're dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and offering sustainable commuting options. With BlueBikes, our team gains easy access to a network of shared bicycles, promoting eco-friendly transportation and healthier lifestyles. This initiative underscores our pledge to a greener future for all.

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