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Born from a desire to disrupt the Boston headhunter scene and rewrite the rulebook when it comes to what a specialist recruiter is expected to be.

Acceler8 Talent was established in 2019 at our 200 Portland Street Boston office and is dedicated to achieving top-tier performance. We collaborate with pioneering tech companies, striving to excel in our staffing and core specialties. Proudly serving Boston and beyond, we specialize in filling permanent roles in AI, machine learning, hardware acceleration, quantum computing, silicon photonics, and emerging technologies. Our sharp market focus ensures unrivaled recruitment expertise, recognizing the unique challenges startups and enterprises face when scaling their teams with the right talent.

Reputation is everything

Our Credentials

Hailing from the UK as a division of the acclaimed technology, software, and digital recruitment consultancy, Understanding Recruitment, we possess a deep understanding of cultivating thriving tech enterprises. Our track record, dating back to 2007, speaks volumes about our effective strategies.

At the helm of Acceler8 Talent is COO Matthew Ferdenzi, whose triumphs in establishing a robust AI and machine learning staffing wing in the UK transcended to Boston, where he cultivated an adept team of consultants. The Acceler8 Talent squad is primed to acquaint themselves with your business, championing your aspirations – whether it involves executing a critical project, securing elevated funding, or future-proofing your endeavors.

Driving Positive Impact

At Acceler8 Talent, we deeply care about making a real difference in society and the environment. We believe in the power of actions over words and are fully committed to turning our values into practical projects. Our goal is to kickstart a chain reaction of positive change that spreads positivity and impact.

Fostering Diversity

At Acceler8 Talent, we're committed to fostering diversity within our workforce. By embracing a variety of perspectives and experiences, we enrich our ability to serve employees, clients, partners, and candidates. Inclusivity isn't just a concept—it's our core, creating an environment where everyone thrives.



Edge Impulse

The team participated in the Edge Impulse ML Conference in Boston, delving into the forefront of machine learning and artificial intelligence to uncover their boundless potential.


Team Milestone

We proudly reached a milestone of employing 10 team members and moved to a biggest office space!


Rebranded to Acceler8 Talent

An exciting change came in 2021 as we unveiled our brand refresh and Understanding Recruitment Inc became Acceler8 Talent. The rebrand reinforced our ability to deliver high-performing talent for roles within machine learning and emerging technologies and build teams that support businesses to hit their targets.


First US office opens in Boston, MA

In 2019 we opened our first stateside office in Boston, Massachusetts specialising in Artificial and Backend Engineering roles. The Boston office is being led by one of our most successful consultants, Matthew Ferdenzi, who successfully developed a team of six consultants specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning recruitment in the UK and will be focussing on growing our Boston office.


Understanding Recruitment Founded

We're a member of the Understanding Recruitment Group, established by Chris Jackson and Dale Swords in the United Kingdom in 2007.

The Team

Our Mission

Unlocking Life-Changing Opportunities, For Everyone.

Embracing the speed of emerging technology, our mission pulses with purpose – to unlock life-changing opportunities for everyone riding the wave of innovation.

Join Us

At the core of our mission is a dedication to discovering the finest talent within the realm of emerging technology – the very talent that fuels the remarkable endeavors our clients are spearheading. With a relentless pursuit of excellence, we aim to unlock life-changing opportunities that arise from harnessing the power of innovation. By connecting top-tier professionals with visionary projects, we create a synergy that propels both individuals and industries toward transformative success. Join us in shaping a future where cutting-edge talent fuels the realization of awe-inspiring visions.

Reputation is everything.

We know that our actions and behaviors play a huge role in shaping how we are perceived by others and are determined to exceed their expectations. 

Never, ever give up.

Our team embodies relentless determination, facing challenges head-on, persisting despite setbacks, and using failures as stepping stones to success. 

Exceed expectations, always.

We set a very high standard for performance and service across our teams.

Together stronger.

The heartbeat of our team is teamwork. We collaborate, leveraging each other's unique strengths and perspectives, to propel us beyond individual limits.

Be the very best you.

The core of personal growth and self-improvement is a guiding principle that encourages our team to relentlessly pursue excellence.

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Whether you're looking to bolster your team with individual talent or build a team equipped to drive change in the technology industry, our Acceler8 Talent consultants can help. We adopt tried and tested processes to find and secure talent, just like the innovative technology companies we work with.

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We understand that finding the right opportunity goes beyond matching skills with job descriptions. It's about aligning your aspirations, values, and talents with a company that appreciates what you bring to the table. Whether you're actively job hunting or just exploring new horizons, we're here to guide you. 

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