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As part of the Understanding Recruitment Group, we have over a decades' worth of experience in technology recruitment and staffing and a track record of successful partnerships. We're ideally positioned to find high-performing candidates for AI and machine learning engineer jobs, in addition to some of the most exciting new positions opening up in hardware acceleration, quantum technology, and photonics.

Our rapid expansion means we partner with some of the most exciting names in tech to fill engineering and research jobs across the USA.

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It's our mission to help you build a team destined to accomplish great things.


If you just need all hands on deck in finding those hard to get unicorns and can live without all the other bells and whistles, this is the solution for you. We're here to make hiring easy for you. Our contingency approach doesn't require upfront fees, saving you money. This way, you can keep your business on track, even when you need to hire people unexpectedly.

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Ditch the hassle of managing multiple recruitment agencies. Simplify your recruitment process by partnering with us exclusively meaning you'll have a dedicated team to handle all hiring needs, streamlining communication. We'll ensure personalized candidate search, assessment, and selection, tailored to find the best fits for your talent requirements.

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If you're looking to scale your tech teams and do not have the time, expertise or even patience to dedicate to finding exceptional talent then hand it over to us. We will also offer complimentary services which will support the process and add huge value depending on what is important to you. Every solution will be built around your individual needs.

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2023 Talent & Salary Reports

Get the latest insights from our 2023 Talent & Salary Reports covering AI & Machine Learning, Hardware Acceleration, and Software Engineering.

  • Top Talent Locations
  • Top 20 Employers
  • Fastest Growing Teams
  • Market Trends
  • Salary Guide
  • Company Benefits

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Your Tech Is Our Passion

Located in Boston’s vibrant West End, our growing Massachusetts team of motivated and experienced recruitment consultants all share a passion for the fast-moving technology world.

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We aim to make hiring a seamless experience by understanding exactly what you are looking for and delivering ambitious talent who will fit into your team and quickly achieve, whether permanent and contract assignments.

Whether you are looking to bolster your team with individual talent or build a team equipped to drive change in the technology industry, our Acceler8 Talent consultants can help. We adopt tried and tested processes to find and secure talent, just like the innovative technology companies we work with, which has led to over 13 years of successful partnerships as part of the Understanding Recruitment group.

Reputation is everything.

We know that our actions and behaviors play a huge role in shaping how we are perceived by others and are determined to exceed their expectations. 

Never, ever give up.

Our team embodies relentless determination, facing challenges head-on, persisting despite setbacks, and using failures as stepping stones to success. 

Exceed expectations, always.

We set a very high standard for performance and service across our teams.

Together stronger.

The heartbeat of our team is teamwork. We collaborate, leveraging each other's unique strengths and perspectives, to propel us beyond individual limits.

Be the very best you.

The core of personal growth and self-improvement is a guiding principle that encourages our team to relentlessly pursue excellence.

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Whether you're looking to bolster your team with individual talent or build a team equipped to drive change in the technology industry, our Acceler8 Talent consultants can help.