Perpetual Medicine

2 mins

Acceler8 Talent, partnered with Perpetual Medicine, a trailblazer in computational peptide therapeutics. Faced with the challenge of hiring a specialized leader for their Head of Computation role, Perpetual Medicine turned to us after previous recruitment efforts fell short. Through a strategic, targeted approach, we successfully filled the position in just two months, enhancing their team and solidifying their market leadership.

Client Overview

Perpetual Medicines stands at the forefront of computational peptide therapeutics, pioneering the development of a next-generation peptide drug discovery engine. Their innovative platform merges cutting-edge computational physics, including molecular dynamics (MD) simulation and free energy perturbation (FEP), with advanced AI technologies. This integration enables the precise prediction of peptide properties, supported by a state-of-the-art synthetic laboratory for high-throughput peptide synthesis and experimentation. With a vision to disrupt the $40 billion peptide drug market, Perpetual Medicines aims to redefine peptide discovery, design, and development.


The Challenges

Perpetual Medicines encountered the daunting task of securing a highly specialized leader within the computational peptide domain. This Head of Computation role demanded an individual proficient in guiding a product from conceptualization to realization while fostering team growth. The ideal candidate needed to possess hands-on expertise, capable of spearheading initiatives from scratch, and hold seniority befitting a Head of Computation. However, the scarcity of experts in this niche field posed a significant challenge.


The Solution

Perpetual Medicine, initially working with other recruitment agencies that failed to make a placement, discovered Acceler8 Talent after a previous client recommended us in a Biotech/ML group on LinkedIn; following the recommendation, they reached out, and our successful partnership began. To overcome their recruitment obstacles, we devised a strategic approach focused on targeted searches within specialized research laboratories and open-source communities. Leveraging platforms like LinkedIn, GitHub, and networking events, we meticulously scoured for potential candidates. Maintaining transparent communication channels with Perpetual Medicine facilitated a deep understanding of their requirements and culture, while we also aided in setting up internal systems to enhance operational efficiency.


The Results

In an impressive turnaround time of two months, we successfully identified the ideal candidate for the Head of Computation role, surpassing the initial six-month projection. This swift recruitment not only saved valuable time and resources for Perpetual Medicines but also yielded cost savings through negotiated terms. Furthermore, the addition of a Senior Scientist further fortified the team, ensuring a seamless transition and bolstering Perpetual Medicines' position as a leader in computational peptide therapeutics.


In summary, Perpetual Medicines, a leader in computational peptide therapeutics, sought a highly specialized leader for their VP of Computation role. Acceler8 Talent, swiftly identified the ideal candidate within two months through targeted searches. Transparent communication and assistance in internal setup streamlined the process, saving time and resources. Cost savings were achieved through negotiated terms, while the addition of a Senior Scientist strengthened the team, solidifying Perpetual Medicines' position in the field.

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