Acceler8ing Tomorrow Podcast Ep 2: Early-Stage Recruitment with Rob Mallery, Talent at Magic (Ex-OpenAI)

In this episode of Acceler8ing Tomorrow, Mat welcomes Rob Mallery, a seasoned professional known for his significant contributions to the recruitment landscape within the AI industry, including roles at OpenAI, Magic, and AI Foundation. The discussion begins with an exploration of Rob's career journey, focusing on his transition into AI recruitment and the pivotal roles he's played in establishing robust recruitment functions for these organizations, paving their path to future success.

The conversation delves into Rob's initial attraction to the AI sector, his experiences recruiting for OpenAI's Supercompute team, and the factors that influenced his decision to leave at a crucial juncture for an early-stage startup, Magic.

Furthermore, Rob and Mat tackle the critical topic of when to start building a recruitment function in a early stage startup and discuss key considerations for founders as they begin to expand their initial teams, offering invaluable insights for those at the helm of emerging tech companies! 

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