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Semiconductor & Chip Design

In the intricate nexus of modern technology, hardware serves as both foundation and frontier. At Acceler8, our expertise is rooted in collaborating with pioneering hardware companies that are not just advancing, but revolutionizing the very fabric of computing. With a pronounced focus on AI-integrated hardware, our partnerships span domains like Edge Inference, IoT, Hardware Acceleration, and breakthrough hardware architectures. We are deeply involved in advancements around efficient I/O systems, and the transformative potential of RISC V architectures. The roles we recruit for—designers, engineers, and architects—are instrumental in manifesting this cutting-edge vision. Through our endeavors, we don’t just observe the tech evolution; we're actively sculpting its trajectory.

Just some of the roles we recruit for:

A Computer Architect in the hardware sector designs computer systems and hardware components. They make decisions about how different parts of a computer work together efficiently. They focus on system design, performance optimization, energy efficiency, security, and emerging technologies.

A System-on-Chip (SoC) Architect designs and optimizes integrated circuits that pack multiple functions onto a single chip. They ensure performance, power efficiency, and compatibility with software. 

A Frontend Design Engineer in hardware focuses on creating the logical design of integrated circuits. They work on logic design, coding, verification, and interface design. 

A Backend Design Engineer in hardware translates logical chip designs into physical layouts, handling placement, routing, timing, and verification. 

A Silicon Validation Engineer tests and ensures newly manufactured chips work correctly. They run tests, diagnose issues, and collaborate with teams. 

A Design Verification Engineer ensures chip designs are correct by creating test plans, developing simulations, and identifying issues. 

An Analog/Mixed-Signal Engineer designs circuits for continuous signals, like audio and power management, in integrated circuits. They create layouts, verify performance, and collaborate with digital teams. 

A Design for Test Engineer ensures chips are designed for effective testing and diagnosis. They create test strategies, implement scan chains, and develop test patterns. 

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