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Silicon Photonics

In the realm of optical computing and high-speed data transfer, silicon photonics emerges as a beacon of transformative potential. Merging the worlds of electronics and photonics, it promises breakthroughs in computational efficiency and communication bandwidths. At Acceler8, we're acutely attuned to this frontier, serving as a conduit between the industry's brightest talents and the pioneering companies charting new territories in silicon photonics. From researchers pushing the boundaries of modulator designs to engineers crafting integrated photonic circuits, our network is robust and future-facing. As silicon photonics lights the way to the next technological horizon, Acceler8 stands poised, ready to amplify its impact.

Just some of the roles we recruit for:

A Photonic Design Engineer creates and improves devices that use light (photons) for tasks like communication and imaging. They design, test, and integrate optical components using software tools, collaborate with other engineers, and work with lasers and measurement equipment. 

A Photonics Test Engineer tests and validates devices that use light. They use optical test equipment, analyze data, and collaborate with design and manufacturing teams. 

A Laser Engineer in silicon photonics designs and optimizes lasers integrated into silicon-based devices. They use simulation tools, optical measurement equipment, and collaborate with other experts. 

A Lab Technician in silicon photonics supports experiments, prepares samples, conducts tests, and maintains equipment. 

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