Hatley Loop


Hatley joined the Acceler8 Talent team in 2024, bringing with her a wealth of experience garnered from multiple internships in recruiting, HR, and general management across various industries. These diverse roles have provided Hatley with unique insights into what makes an exceptional candidate and employee. Specializing in hardware, Hatley offers a fresh perspective to both candidates and clients, drawing from her business-minded background.

An interesting fact about Hatley is her passion for travel and her love for immersing herself in other cultures, which has broadened her understanding and appreciation of diverse perspectives. Her favorite aspect of her job at Acceler8 Talent is the dynamic office culture and the opportunity to engage with candidates from a wide array of backgrounds, each with their own unique experiences and aspirations.

Outside of work, Hatley enjoys spending time in Cambridge, particularly during the summer weekends when the streets come alive with vibrant festivals. This vibrant atmosphere in Boston's historic neighborhood is her favorite place to unwind and enjoy the city's cultural offerings.