Markus Edmunds

Managing Recruitment Executive

Meet Markus, a seasoned recruitment professional with over 3 years of agency recruitment experience. He specializes in all things AI and machine learning, from research to software development, and AI acceleration.

Markus recently spent a year as the Head of Talent at a startup where he gained valuable insights into the hiring process from a client's perspective. Markus brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table and adds value to both candidates and clients. He has a proven track record of sourcing elite candidates and creating a seamless and painless process for both sides to ensure an optimal outcome.

A little-known fact about Markus is that this is his second time working at the company and that he was the first hire ever in the US office!

Markus's favorite thing about his job is the people. He is fortunate to work with some of his best friends in a healthy and competitive environment. Markus is excited to be returning to the vertical he initially started with when he began working at the company in 2019. With his expertise and passion for AI and machine learning, Markus is sure to make a significant impact on the team and the industry as a whole.