Sarah Olivieri


Sarah, a recent graduate with a degree in Communications and experience as a server and bartender at Bricco in Connecticut, made a bold decision to take a leap of faith and relocate to Boston in pursuit of a career at Acceler8 Talent. As a member of the Machine Learning team, she eagerly embraces the challenges of this new industry, driven by her passion for technology.

Sarah's mission at Acceler8 Talent is to deeply comprehend and cater to the needs of both candidates and clients, contributing to the formation of high-performing teams within the tech sector. An interesting fact about Sarah is her undeniable obsession with pugs (and all dogs) – she's always eager to see pictures of your furry friends!

What she loves most about her job is the opportunity to impact people's lives positively, whether by assisting individuals in finding their ideal tech positions or aiding businesses in discovering top-tier talent. As a newcomer to Boston, Sarah is excited to explore the city further and welcomes any recommendations from her new acquaintances.