Inside Acceler8 Talent: Luke Tomaszko on the Hardware Acceleration Market & Recruiter Life

Posted on 01 November 2022

A common feature on the CV of our management team, Luke Tomaszko is another UK export taking on the Boston technical recruitment market, with hugely successful results so far. In this edition of our Inside Acceler8 Talent series, we sit down with management recruitment executive Luke Tomaszko, to talk all things hardware market, as well as why he joined the AT team last year after moving across the pond to New York in 2021.


So, how did you come to join the tech recruitment sector and why did you make the decision to join Acceler8 Talent?

I honestly fell into tech recruitment. I knew that I wanted to work in sales, so was exploring different options. I hadn’t considered recruitment but a friend convinced me to come for an interview at his company. I actually didn’t think it would be a career move, but here I am seven years later!

When I interviewed with Acceler8 Talent, it was immediately apparent that the company aligned with my values and views on how recruitment should be approached. They had ambitious and exciting growth plans which I knew I wanted to be a part of, so it was an opportunity that I just couldn’t turn down.


What’s the most significant achievement you’re proud of in your 18 months here, and how have you seen Acceler8 Talent evolve and change in that time?

I joined Acceler8 Talent in April 2021 after a difficult previous year in recruitment. Coming into a fresh environment and approaching recruitment in a manner that I believed in really reinvigorated me.

I won my first promotion in just 6 months and now manage a team of 4 consultants, which comes with a whole new set of challenges but is truly enjoyable and makes me love coming to work.

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What is a growing technology or trend you’re seeing in the market right now that you are really excited about?

In the short term, I am most excited about in-memory computing. I work with a few companies who are developing IMC accelerators and I think it’s the next new hardware technology to be commercialized and have a big impact on the industry. In the longer term, definitely quantum computing, although I don’t think we will see that properly commercialized for another decade or so.


What do you think sets the Acceler8 approach apart from others in the industry?

One of the things that immediately hit me when working at Acceler8 Talent is how supportive everyone is of each other and that although it’s a competitive environment where everyone wants to achieve a lot, we all get on really well and it doesn’t detract from the quality work we do. We also all really take time to understand our clients, so that we can find the best candidates for them.


"I work with a few companies who are developing IMC accelerators and I think it’s the next new hardware technology to be commercialized and have a big impact on the industry."


Are you seeing economic uncertainty affect the market right now, and can the tech market withstand it, and why?

I’m not going to say no, however, I’m not really worried about an economic downturn, especially in the hardware market. With the recent announcement of the CHIPS act and the battle between the US and China for semiconductor domination, I don’t see the investment coming into the hardware market slowing down, or the market in general.


What are you most excited about looking to the future working at Acceler8 Talent and hardware acceleration, and other sectors?

Since I started, we have tripled in size and with how well business is going, I don’t see any signs of our growth slowing down, so I am really looking forward to seeing where we are in five years’ time! The team we have already is fantastic and a joy to work around every day, so we have a great base to build upon in the coming years.


Thanks to Luke for taking part in this edition of ‘Inside AT’ and check back to our blog for the next interview. Interested in life at AT? We’re looking for ambitious individuals with all levels of experience!

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