Acceler8ing Tomorrow Podcast Ep 1: Scaling ML teams with Michael Hicks, MLA Recruitment at Cruise

Embark on a journey into the heart of Artificial Intelligence with the Acceler8ing Tomorrow podcast! Hosted by Mat Ferdenzi, COO of Acceler8 Talent, this podcast delves into insightful conversations with industry professionals who are at the forefront of shaping the AI landscape. From visionary founders to the unsung heroes driving innovation, each episode offers a deep dive into the challenges and triumphs of the AI world.

Join Mat as he engages in meaningful dialogues with diverse professionals, including top recruiters, thought leaders, and key operators, who share their invaluable insights and experiences. From scaling elite teams to navigating the hurdles of startup life, these discussions provide actionable advice and fresh perspectives for anyone embarking on a similar journey within the AI sector.

In the debut episode, Mat sits down with Michael Hicks, a renowned recruiter at Cruise, to discuss the intricacies of scaling ML teams from 10 to 250+. Gain exclusive insights and practical tips to accelerate your AI journey and stay ahead in this ever-evolving field! 🤖🚀